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Your Baby We Care


This is an initiative by a couple who have engineered some innovative ways to bring about the revolutionary change in pregnancy care and baby care. We at yourbabywecare are committed to providing best solutions for every problem you face during your precious pregnancy and baby care along with parenting too. Genuinely hope to see lot of smiles on each one of you who watch our videos. So, do support us. Like this video, share it with the needy couples and do tell them to subscribe and be a part of our community to learn and grow together

 both of us are masters of technology from the top of IITs in india. We have are  skilled in learning anything and everything we step into. We have framed some of the  best solutions for your everyday issues in pregnancy, baby acre and parenthood. We hope we are able  to help you in your journey of parenthood as well.

By:- Kirti and Vijay. India.


pregnancy, delivery, motherhood

we at your bay we care happen to be first time parents like many of you. due to pandemic and many other reasons we were encountered with the hardest of the challenges during our pregnancy,delivery as well as parenthood. instead of being sad about the situation we decided to gather all the knowledge from wherever we could and make sure that things to  work out in whatever resources we were provided with. in this process we came across many different approaches being folowed in the world like traditional, cultural, Montessori and Waldorf. Out of which we have made a beautiful blend of our own parenting style in which we respect our child as well as promote her to be independent.we are enjoying this entire process so much and now want many of you to join us in such a wonderful journey.

with lots of love and luck....

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