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Modern approach to baby care and parenting 

This entire endeavor is an  attempt to make the pregnancy and parenting journey much easier than before in a modern way



Kirti Kureel, Mom, content creator and entrepreneur

I am Kirti, a mom of 10 month old beautiful little daughter. I am an engineer and entrepreneur. I believe in spreading positivity around. I have dedicated myself to lifelong learning and take all odds coming towards me as new challenges. Over the period of time I have refined myself to a finer human being and constantly focus on making myself 1% better than yesterday.


 I am a self-learned mom, who delivered during the largest and most unpredictable pandemic the world has seen till date. I have gathered some learning while teaching myself how to take care of my pregnancy without family, delivering the child without their presence and taking care of her while she is a newborn and bringing her up in a right manner. Initially I was so scared of the entire idea of pregnancy but now it comes with so much ease.  I found this treasure of knowledge so useful that I decided to share it with all the others out there who need any such guidance in their journey.


I hope my insights may help you in some way. This accomplishment would be a true reward to my constant endeavor towards this goal.


Providing solutions to pregnancy,

baby care and parenting



We provide solutions to new couples for planning their pregnancy resolving their trivial concerns during pregnancy, guide for their overall behavior for a healthy and smooth  pregnancy

Baby Care

In modern world old methods of baby care dont work. so we are here to provide you the best solutions to all your doubts during your childcare


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"thanks for gathering and presenting all such useful iformation. it has been so much useful for busy parents like us"


"the way you present any prob;emand it solution is completely out of the box.. it seems so easy now."


“Indepth information provided by you on these topics is so helpful for people like us who barely have timeto read lare books in order to be good parents" 


 Baby Development in Motion